Star Day

Stars do it?
Visible during the day
I mean …. If its name?

He first came to present themselves
When I had a second
commence step toward the holy destinations

First time I saw it
I’m a little wondering
“For all my life
No longer seen
Stars attend daytime
But that day at a time when I was 40 years old
Rays of light emanating one single evening
When I looked up at the sky
He was right on top of my head
People always say
When the rising sun
So do not look anymore stars
Is there is a certain expression?
Did they or am I wrong?

Sometimes I also thought
This vision is only an illusion

Friends .. if you want to see it
Wellcome to my house
When is he very clearly visible
“For heaven open field
No covered fog, or clouds haze.

Now … he is my entertainer friends
Also where I complained tucker
He became bidder Sekurang2nya
When I was stung by the silence or boredom.


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